Happy Monday !

Ok ! Challenges for this week are…

1. Every day work on a blog post. I have 5 subjects written down that I’d like to expand on. So this challenge involves expanding on these and getting my thoughts out of my mind onto paper. Rough draft and no worries about edits or flow.

2. Keep up with my dishes. This means having clear counters and an empty dish rack at least once a day for a few moments. That’s achievable and also to understand that this isn’t just me. If something else happens to need my attention I have 2 able-bodied adults here to enlist the help of. Hopefully keeping up will mean a constant flow of less dishes.

3. Conscious focused physical activity every day. 5 minutes doing squats and planks or weights counts and taking time to stretch. Sometimes 5 minutes is all you can get. Bonus points for wearing my 17 lbs of 7 month old for added weights !

I am having a lot of fun with adding new flavors and recipes to my repertoiur, I have new fancy recipe cards so maybe that adds to the fun ! But that will continue. Today we have pork chops I picked out of the freezer with my eyes closed (adds to the excitement) so I’ll see what comes up for the crock pot on pinterest today. The crock pot is awesome during a heat wave when cooking is a horrible hot chore.

And of course beading will continue, I need to finish T’s rosette and well, it’s become an act of calming and focusing my thoughts. But that’s actually a topic for challenge one so more on this later.

Today has been an amazing Monday, DH has switched from his night shift rotation to days, and this is the first time that the switch has come without the normal adjustment for the older kids. They know what to expect. S asked me this morning if, because dad was at work this morning, will he be home after snack today? And here to read a story before bedtime? Our rhythm is once again falling into our realm of normal.

They are having a popsicle, watching Sid the Science Kid while the baby has a glorious long nap. Giving me time to write. We’ve watched the same 10 episodes since we found this show recently. I like to be purposefully repetitive with educational shows like this and Super why. It helps to embed if firmly in their minds and they focus more when they remember. It doesn’t change as much and they don’t watch 48 episodes before going back to the same thing. They have been really into their charts, we made one for using the potty and it’s been a huge hit with both of our potty learners age almost 4 and 2.5. I’ll expand on the trials of our potty journey later on as I’ve learned things and wish I’d done things differently or not at all…. wisdom possibly worth sharing. And the freezing episode. We’ve made popsicles and explored freezing and melting and hot and cold. It’s been amazing for my un-schooling frame of mind.

One thing about me, I’m relatively against a lot of tech in young kids lives. TV is about the extent and I am picky about content and quality of the programming. We have committed to a Home-schooled elementary education for our children and I personally see no reason for us to use an app to teach our children what I can do myself hands on and together. So yes I’m kinda happy of the fact that our kids wouldn’t know what to do with an iPad if you gave them one. They respect that mom and dad’s phones are not toys. They have never been used as entertainment or education devices for our children and I intend to keep it that way. Technology has its place and a time and right now, is not that time.
And yes maybe I smugly know that not only can kids survive and thrive without it, but so can I. We did an 8 day trek across the country with 3 children under 4 and didn’t use a screen once to entertain our kids. Not counting TVs in hotel rooms at night after a long swim in the pool. We didn’t “survive”, we made a point that we weren’t going to use technology after I had a number of people literally laugh at me and tell me that we wouldn’t be able to do it. It kind of lit a fire for me to prove those nay-sayers wrong. And I did.

I’m not here to judge how much tech kids have, or debate reasons why we restrict and limit it. To answer the question of why I will simply respond with “why not” with a shrug. I really leave this as a “to each their own” type of subject.

But the baby is awake and popsicles are done. And my dishes are waiting for me.  Until next time, have yourself a happy Monday 🙂


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